Naturbios: wellness first

Naturbios: wellness first

Production and development of private label nutraceutical supplements and nutraceutical supplements.

Establishment recognized by the Ministry of Health
NR° CE IT AIP050149

Naturbios: our business reality

Naturbios Naturbios produces dietary supplements on behalf of its clients and is able to meet their needs by providing its long-standing interdisciplinary know-how. We carry out private label projects taking care of every detail from the formula to the finished product, passing through the study of packaging, packaging and shipping guaranteeing full service turnkey projects.

Research and innovation are the cornerstones of Naturbios to offer its customers answers and solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

Those who turn to Naturbios have the opportunity to receive professional advice in the formulation of the products they wish to produce, the drafting of regulatory paperwork and the choice of packaging, the customer is guided from idea to finished product.

Production unit

Naturbios caters to the pharmaceutical-food sector and can count on a new plant with clean rooms with telemonitored temperature, pressure and humidity to ensure constant environmental conditions and quality standards. The high level of digitization of equipment and machinery ensures both efficiency and process control.

Naturbios guarantees 100% Italian production.

The Naturbios Team

The Naturbios Team is multidisciplinary in terms of professionalism, skills, experience and passions that make the difference in our work. It is able to analyze every single project from different points of view and optimizes processes according to the goal shared with the client.

The vision of Naturbios

To create a future in which every individual achieves maximum physical well-being, proud to offer high quality dietary supplements, carefully produced in Italy.

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